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Custom Made Mouldings

Custom Mouldings

At Plaster Profiles our work practise is all about investment in expertise; we have invested decades in nothing but decorative plaster work so that we can provide a truly expert service, capable of crafting unique designs or finding a variety of ways to bring classics or damaged originals back to life. We work with a diverse range of Architects, Designers, Builders and the general Public providing everything from original designs, faithful reproductions for a new interior, to meticulous castings of original moulds.

Our bespoke service is not just for creating contemporary or personalised designs, it can also recreate architectural classics from photo’s and drawings, or apply our expertise to create true reproductions from an in-situ moulding and reproducing it for the rest of the project.

No matter what your custom made requirements are for reproductions, renovations, conservation and for that “something new” in plaster mouldings, put it in the hands of the specialists at Plaster Profiles.